Years 7 and 8

The last two years at Yateley Manor are formative in the sense that children appear to develop so much and prepare for senior school life. So many parents have commented on the change that they have witnessed in their child during these two years, where they have moved from a quiet and unassuming member of the year group to a confident child able to speak in a large public arena.

Being at the top of the school is fundamental in the development of children. Every child in Years 7 and 8 is expected to take some responsibility around the school. Every child is linked with a class and is expected to collect the class for assembly as well as provide support for them at break times when the weather is poor. Some children in Year 8 are given the role of Prefect which brings additional responsibilities.

Presenting with confidence is a key skill which is honed in Years 7 and 8. Children are often invited to attend meetings with parents as well as act as tour guides for prospective families. All children in Year 8 are asked to work in small groups and deliver a complete assembly to the whole school. In addition they will be asked to run an assembly for Pre Prep children.

With a continued focus on the PSB core skills and numerous opportunities to develop their character and confidence, children in Years 7 and 8 really do benefit from a holistic approach to education and are fully prepared for the next part of their educational journey.