Update from the Captains of School

It is great to be back at school and to see the school thriving again, before the Easter holidays! Even though lockdown has made it tough, we have managed to carry out some duties as Captains of School and we thought we would share some highlights with you.

In February we made an assembly to Year 7 and 8 on fun activities to play in lockdown. Teams has been an invaluable platform to be able to connect with each other, our teachers and the rest of the school community to continue to fulfil our roles.

We both joined a Nursery Music lesson on a Wednesday to participate in the children’s activities, to sing with them and to play some musical games. It was great to get to know the younger pupils of Yateley Manor who we do not see often, and we feel the little ones enjoyed it just as much as we did! 😊 Hopefully one day we will be able to meet them in person for another fun-filled session.

Throughout lockdown, Sarah-Jane also ran weekly sessions with Year 7s to chat about their YMAS projects. The sessions were open to anyone who needed tips, advice or suggestion ideas to help them get started on some of their pieces or to improve them. Being very keen on art and craft projects, Sarah-Jane also made two videos for Years 3 and 4 which were posted on their Wednesday Well-Being options on Teams. One taught them how to make their own stickers and the other one was a bookmark tutorial.

Looking ahead to next term, one of Sarah-Jane’s main projects is to create an Eco-Council to complement the three existing committees whilst Poppy intends to follow up on her work on sports kit.

Stay safe everyone and we hope you have a lovely, peaceful and restful Easter break.