Initial Thoughts from the Captains of School

My name is Sarah-Jane Butler and I joined Yateley Manor at the start of Year 4. Since then I have loved my time here with all my heart and I can’t wait to fulfil my role as Captain of School.

I enjoy all my subjects across the board and I am grateful to Yateley Manor for giving me the opportunity to develop my love of music as well as exploring new skills such as Public Speaking and a wealth of sports, which my previous school did not offer. I have a special interest in performing arts and all things creative, which I hope to bring in abundance to my new role.

I am absolutely thrilled to be working alongside Poppy Everest, and I am sure we will make a great team. We can’t wait to share with you regular updates over the coming months. Merry Christmas!

My name is Poppy Everest and I am one of two new Captains of School. Since joining Yateley Manor in Reception, I have enjoyed every opportunity available, whether it’s representing the school or going on the various school trips.

My passion is sport, especially swimming, netball and hockey where I compete at a high level.  I am a regional swimmer, was 4th in the national IAPS swimming competition and hold numerous school records including all of the breaststroke records. I also enjoy drama and I am a keen member of drama masterclass.

My goal as Captain of School is to improve the sports kit for both the boys and the girls. This is something I would like to achieve before I leave the school as I feel wearing the correct kit, feeling comfortable and being part of a team are all important elements in playing well, keeping warm and not worrying about being different.