I’ll be back on Friday!

We are fast approaching our Residential Week in June when children in Year 5 upwards will head off to new places for a range of activities for a few nights. Going on a school residential trip has many advantages for children of all ages.

The past two years have been a very strange experience for most of us. The need to explore and embrace the outdoors and reap the benefits, especially amongst the young, has never been more apparent. From the strictly academic benefits of school trips to the advantages of school trips for personal development, we believe passionately that school residential trips are an essential part of the school experience for children. But what are the benefits of spending time away from school and family?

1.       Developing emotional and social skills

 On a residential trip, children learn to be away from familiar environments such as home and school. They meet new people and have the opportunity to make their own decisions.

 2.       Trying new things

Our Residential Weeks provide many new experiences for the children. These may be unknown but by trying something new, children are able to find hobbies and interests outside of the usual routines

3.       Friendship building and resilience

Children have the opportunity to make friends with others that they might not otherwise mix with when they go away. By participating in different activities throughout the day, these friendships are bonded through shared experiences.

4.       Developing independence

Going on a residential trip encourages children to extend their comfort zone and embrace the world without their parents. For many children, a school residential trip will be the first time that they are away from their family.

5.       Improved confidence and self esteem

Whilst on a residential trip children will overcome challenges and achieve things that they did not think possible. Success breeds success and they will use their new confidence to move forwards in other areas of their life and learning.

Children learn best when they can see, hear and experience things first-hand.  Multi-sensory learning is an important part of school life, and school residential trips answer the requirements of all five senses.

We expect every child to participate in our Residential Week and look forward to hearing all the stories when the children return to school.