Feedback to Parents

The type and regularity of feedback on a child’s progress at Yateley Manor reflects the importance that is placed on assessment that informs a child's next steps.

Extensive written reports during the year give details of attainment, progress and attitudes to learning.

Formal opportunities are also built in to the year for parents to meet with teachers. For children up to Year 4 these take place in their classroom and for those from Year 5 upwards in the school hall. Appointments are booked through an online electronic booking system which operates in real time and are then emailed automatically to parents. In Years 7 and 8, children are invited to come along to these meetings with their parents.

Various opportunities are arranged for parents to come in to school and view their child’s work, such as Parent Lunches where parents come in and have lunch with their child and then look through books together.

Parents are also always welcome to contact Form Teachers or Subject Teachers at any point during the term if they have a query about progress in learning.