Assessments and Examinations

Assessments should not drive a curriculum. Rather they should be used carefully and sparingly to check progress and inform future teaching. At Yateley Manor the child is central to teaching, the curriculum builds around them and assessments simply feed in to the knowledge teachers have about individuals. Short tests for spellings or multiplication tables will take place in class in the earlier year groups but these are very low key. From Year 3 onwards children sit summer examinations but again the emphasis is on demonstrating what teachers need to teach rather than what children have not learnt.

In Year 8 children will sit Scholarship or Common Entrance examinations for their senior schools. As part of the PSB children at Yateley Manor sit Common Entrance examinations in four subjects only (English, Mathematics, Science and French) and will receive a PSB Certificate at the end of the year with a comprehensive set of grades. All senior schools to which children move on accept the PSB grades as an accurate representation of a child's attainment in all subjects as well as the performance character skills.