Curriculum and Learning

As an Independent School we are permitted to design a curriculum that meets the needs and interests of the children in the school. The curriculum takes in to account the expectations within the National Curriculum but we are free to take aspects further or study them in greater detail. At Yateley Manor we believe learning should be fun and engaging. That is why so much of our curriculum is built around connections between subjects, with children often engaged in a task that links more than one subject together. Examples of these include the Computing and Music Project where children make a computer game by coding it and then create the music to sit behind the game, or the 3D art pieces of crisp packets with an alternative message based on children's understanding of harmful ingredients. Giving a purpose or reason for learning is a wonderful catalyst for young minds.

Qualifications will continue to be important for many of the children currently in school when they reach the employment world. They will probably continue to be essential to get an interview. However once at interview candidates will invariably be judged on their character and whether they will ‘fit’ with the organisation. That is why an education at Yateley Manor is not just about the academic subjects. It relates to the other subjects within the curriculum but also the additional opportunities such a sport, drama and performance. To educate the whole child we need to focus on their character too, which is why the school was involved, as a founder member, in the development of the PSB  a number of years ago.

The end results are stunning and demonstrate a journey of learning in excess of expectations for their years.

Laura Ball