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Fees and Regulations

September 2023 - July 2024

Termly Fees

At Little Lodge Nursery we offer both a Term Time only and Full Time (51 week) options.

Please download a copy of our Nursery Fee Structure below for more information.

  Fees Per Term  
Pre-Prep Reception and Year 1 £4,361
  Year 2 £4,612
Prep Years 3 and 4 £5,604
  Years 5 and 6 £5,978
Senior Years 7 to 11 £5,978


All fees are subject to an annual review, any fee changes will be communicated to parents before the start of each summer term for the following school year.



The termly fee covers all normal activities within school and includes: 

  • Daily morning snack, school lunch and afternoon snack
  • Supervision before school from 8.00 am onwards
  • All educational one-day trips in the UK which take place on normal school days
  • All class tuition, text, exercise, library books, basic stationery and equipment
  • All on-site sports and equipment and travel to school matches within the UK

In Pre-Prep (Reception to Year 2):

  • Supervision after school until 4.30 pm when clubs start and up until 6.00pm
  • After school activities run by school staff from 4.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Sandwich, cold light tea for those staying past 4.30pm

In Prep (Years 3 to 6):

  • After school clubs run by school staff from 4.30pm to 5.30pm
  • Supervision after clubs until 6.30pm
  • Residential field trips in Years 5 and 6.


There are no compulsory extras.


Optional extras not included in the termly fee:

Music instrument hire, per term (except small violins) £46
Small violin hire, per term £26
Individual music tuition, per 30 minute lesson £20.50
Horse riding, per two hour session £45
Chess Masterclass, per 90 minute session £10


External Examinations for music, ballet, LAMDA, GCSEs and Common Entrance are chargeable extras. The cost of the examination will be notified to parents prior to exam entry.

Home to School Coaches

School Coach/Minibus, termly - 1st child: all areas £400
School Coach/Minibus, termly - sibling on same coach as 1st child - all areas £200

Above coach charges are for 10 journeys per week booked in advance, half a term’s notice is required to cancel coach bookings. Trips not taken but part of a confirmed booking will not be refunded.

School Fees

  • Reception to Year 11:   Payment is by ten monthly direct debit instalments beginning in the July of each year unless otherwise agreed by the school, with all fees payable in full on or before the first day of each term and any account not settled in this way will be surcharged by 2% per month or part thereof.  Missed direct debit payments will result in a £30 admin charge per missed payment. 
  • Nursery:  Fees are payable by BACs payment on or before the first day of each month/term (dependant on whether you chose a Full time or Term time option.)

Coach Fees and Any Pupil Schemes are charged in advance, any extras in arrears.

Reductions on the Termly Fee are available for children of former pupils and for siblings while the older sibling is at Yateley Manor. Please contact the Registrar for details. Payment of a year’s fees in advance (by 24th July or next working day thereafter,) results in a £200 reduction for years 1 and above.

The Registration Fee of £100 covers administration and assessment. It is not returnable.

The Deposit of £500 is due as confirmation of parental intention before a child finally joins the school. This is held until the pupil leaves and returned at the end of their final term. It is not returned in any other way. Please note that if a pupil leaves at the end of Nursery and does not join Reception, the deposit is not returnable.

Damage and loss to school property 

Where damage is caused to School property through a pupil’s negligence or wanton behaviour, or where School belongings, such as textbooks, are lost by a pupil, the parents’ account will be charged with the full cost of repair or replacement.

Withdrawal and notice

In accordance with the Parent Contract a full term’s notice is required before the premature removal of a child and in default of such notice a full term’s fees will be charged. This applies to all pupils at the school and Nursery. Notice must be in writing or email on or before the first day of term and is a contractual obligation which the Headmaster is not at liberty to waive. The School do not offer any “rolling notice” provision. The responsibility of a full term’s fees is incurred the moment a place is accepted in which case notice of withdrawal must reach the School not later than the first day of the term prior to that in which the pupil was to enter.

The Headmaster has the right, should he consider circumstances warrant such action, to require the immediate removal of a pupil. In this event no claim shall arise for the remission or return of any portion of fees for that term.

Rebate of fees for absence from school is not given and parents should enroll in the School Fees Refund Scheme. Full details of this scheme are sent to parents when their children first join the School. It is the Parents’ duty to ensure that all pupils’ property is fully insured when at School. Pupils leaving part way through a school term will not receive a rebate of fees for days within that term that won’t be attended.


Parents will inform the School of any notifiable or dangerous diseases. If a pupil requires emergency medical treatment every effort will be made to obtain the prior consent of the parent or guardian, but where this is impossible in the time available, the Headmaster, or his appointed representative, acting in loco parentis, is authorised to give valid consent to such treatment, including anaesthetic or operation, as may be recommended by the doctor.

Dangerous objects and substances

No pupils shall bring dangerous or illegal objects or substances to school.

Pupils’ money and expensive belongings

Expensive items or large amounts of money should not normally be brought to School, but if they are then they should be handed to a member of staff or the School Office for safekeeping. For details regarding mobile phones please refer to our mobile phone policy which can be found on our web site.

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