The Good Schools Guide

The Good Schools Guide is famous for unbiased and candid reviews of state and independent schools. They interview head teachers and speak to staff, pupils and parents. They scrutinise academic performance, extra-curricular activities, pastoral care and much more. The result is a set of fearless, frank and eminently readable reviews that are trusted by families worldwide. 

What makes The Good Schools Guide unique? Schools cannot pay to be included and have no influence over what they write. That is why parents value their expertise and trust them to tell the truth. 

Here are some snippets from our review:

The school’s academic reputation is therefore high, whilst the prefects whom we met at their regular Monday break time briefing with the head, could not have been more impressive. 

Many schools trot out trite phrases which claim that ‘pupils will be prepared to face the challenges of an ever-changing world’. At Yateley Manor this is not a pretence but a reality. 

Unsurprisingly, then, the school is popular with parents. They talk of its 'friendly, family feel' and that their sons and daughters are 'super comfortable in their own skins'. 

Above all, he (the Headmaster) wants to maintain and develop the strong family values that run, as he states, ‘like a vein’ through the school. 

With a clear sighted head at the tiller, and his crew well ready to surf the educational waves on the horizon, there is not a better time to jump aboard.

To read the full review visit the Good Schools Guide website or request a copy from our Registrar, Tanja Weddell.