Our Parents

We are always delighted to hear positive comments about Yateley Manor from our parents and are proud to share some recent ones:  

Yateley Manor has our daughter exceptional opportunities to succeed in a secure and nurturing environment.  We are truly grateful for the support that she has received both in and out of the classroom throughout her nine years at the school. A phenomenal school with exceptional staff and endless opportunities.

Yateley Manor is a very family oriented school with a safe and supportive atmosphere. The nurturing staff have helped our son settle into reception wonderfully and provided a solid foundation for his future learning. We would highly recommend Yateley Manor. 

As a parent, you just want the best for your children and for us the BEST is Yateley Manor...no question. 

There are so many good things to highlight about Yateley Manor - the fantastic teachers, the range of activities for children to experience, the lovely, supportive environment throughout the school. Our children absolutely love it too and always have such happy, funny things to say when they get home!

A phenomenal school with exceptional staff and endless opportunities.

The school has a strong family ethos and provides an excellent well-rounded education across academic learning, music, sport and self-development.  Throughout their time at the school, both children have grown in confidence, thrived, and experienced many opportunities through the varied and engaging curriculum.  Most importantly, they come home happy every day.  Yateley Manor provides the perfect foundation for our children to develop and flourish.

Yateley Manor don't just go the extra mile, they go the extra ten!  The school feels just like one big, happy family - such a nurturing and supportive environment.     

Our son has flourished like never before, growing in confidence, both academically and socially.

Since moving our son to Yateley Manor, he has benefited immensely from the small class sizes, nurturing ethos and outstanding standard of teaching. 

Ultimately… I wish I had gone to school here.

It strikes a fantastic balance between excellent facilities and opportunities, and a feeling of being one big family.  

Exceptional opportunities to succeed in a secure and nurturing environment. Excellent pastoral care and a emphasis on individual personal development.