Muddy Stilettos

Muddy Stilettos is the ultimate ‘urban guide to the countryside’ – a witty, super-useful insider’s guide to the very best food, walks, boutiques, day trips, hotels, interiors and events for smart, fun-loving women living outside London.  Their best schools guide contains in-depth reviews of schools across 26 counties.

They pride themselves on “unique, independent, honest” reviews which give a genuine insight into each school they visit, with informal, super-useful advice from their editors.

Here are some of the things they say about Yateley Manor: 


Speaking with pupils and seeing them interact, a mutual respect with teachers is clear. 

The school’s academic reputation is deservedly high but it’s the imaginative lessons and nurturing culture that parents really prize.

Kids in Years 7 and 8 absolutely buzz about pretty much everything, from the recent lesson where they extracted DNA from a banana to a lockdown assembly which saw the Headteacher dressed as one (cue giggles).

A good all-round education with especially good academics, drama and sport.

Quieter personalities aren’t overlooked and will thrive alongside the more vocal in a supportive, community environment that builds confident kids that are comfortable in their own skins. 


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