Meet the Staff

A Year 3 teacher chats to some children in the Library
DT teacher with a class of senior pupils

Innovative and committed staff are the school’s most valuable resource and there is a strong culture of continuing professional development with staff regularly attending external courses, as well as weekly after school workshops and sharing best practice. 

Staff embrace the different learning styles of children and incorporate varied approaches into lessons.

Senior Leadership Team



Mr Robert Upton, BSc Hons, PGCE, MA (Ed), NPQH 

Deputy Headmaster

Mr Simon Head, B Ed, M Ed - Maths and Core Skills Teacher


Assistant Head (Upper School)

Miss Claire Thompson, BEd Hons - English and General Studies Teacher 


Assistant Head (Lower School)

Mrs Shena Washer, BSc Hons, PGCE - Science and Core Skills Teacher 



Mr Jamie Lee, LLB Hons 


Head of Learning Support

Ms Laura Ball, BA Hons, Grad Dip, QTS, NASENCO - RS and Core Skills Teacher



Mr Lance Andrews,  B Ed Hons, Dip Sc - Head of Design Technology, RS Teacher, Head of Year 5

Mrs Rachel Arris, BSc Hons, PGCE - Head of Geography, Equestrian Team Manager

Mrs Emma Bell, BA Hons, PGCE - Head of Art, Religious Studies Teacher

Mrs Gail Brundle, BA Hons, PGCE  - Head of Drama, English Teacher

Mrs Magali Butler, Licence, PGCE - Head of Classics, French Teacher

Miss Julie Callan, Ind PGCE, NNEB - Sports Teacher, Head of Years 7 & 8

Mrs Catherine Daines, B Ed Hons  - Mathematics Teacher

Mr Peter Daines, BSc Hons, PGCE - Head of Boys' Sport

Mr Neil Davis, BA Hons, PGCE - Head of History,  Head of RS 

Mrs Kate Dyason, BA/BEd Hons - Head of  Science, Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Becky Ellis, BEd - Head of Girls’ Sport

Mrs Ali Emmins, NVQ3 - Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Miss Claire Foster, NVQ4, HLTA - Year 3 Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Emma Graham, BA Hons with QTS - English Teacher

Mrs Tracey Hayter, BA Hons, BTech, GTP - Head of Food Technology

Mrs Hilary Hull, NVQ3 - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Jennifer Hustler, BMus, PGCE - Director of Music

Mrs Hannah Jenkins, BA Hons, PGCE, MA - Year 3 Form Teacher

Mrs Sarah McGuinness, NVQ3 - Learning Support Assistant

Mr Tristan Morris, Ind PGCE - Sports Teacher, Facilities Manager, Head of Year 6

Mrs Sue Parkin, BA Hons, PGCE - Head of Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs Amanda Parsons, NVQ3 - Learning Support Assistant

Mrs Antonia Robinson, BA Hons, PGCE - Head of  English 

Mrs Heidi Ross, BSc Hons  - Science Technician

Mrs Gill Rowe, BSc Hons, PGCE - Year 3 Form Teacher

Mrs Sarah Sables, BA Hons, PGCE - Year 4 Form Teacher

Mr Bruno Santino, B Eng, GTP - Head of Mathematics

Mr Jordan Smyth, BSc Hons, iPGCE - Science Teacher

Ms Phillipa Taylor, BA Hons, PGCE, TEFL - French and Spanish Teacher

Miss Alexandra Thompson, BSc Hons, PGCE - Year 4 Teacher

Miss Claire Thompson, BEd Hons  - English Teacher

Mrs Philly Towell, BA, PGCE - Head of Year 4

Mrs Shena Washer  BSc Hons, PGCE - Science and Maths Teacher



Mrs Janice Bates, NVQ 3 - Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs Suzanne Belshaw, BEd Hons - Reception Form Teacher

Mrs Luci Bland, NNEB - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Katherine Brown, BA Hons - Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Georgie Carrig, BECEd - Year 2  Form Teacher

Mrs Sandra Davies, BA Hons, PGCE - Year 2 Teaching Assistant

Miss Samantha Dearing, BSc Hons, PGCE - Year 2 Form Teacher

Mrs Angie Hall, BA Hons with QTS  - Reception Form Teacher

Mrs Lyndsey Hendry, BSc Hons, QTS - Year 1 Form Teacher

Miss Vanessa Nightingale, BEd Hons  - Year 2 Form Teacher

Miss Lisa Poulton, NNEB - Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs Julie Voller, B Ed Hons - Head EYFS, Year 1 Form Teacher



Miss Karen Barber, National Diploma in Childhood Studies - Nursery Manager

Mrs Kayleigh Tye, Cert Ed Early Years - Deputy Nursery Manager

Miss Zabrina Ford, NVQ5 - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Alicia Main, NVQ3 Children's Learning & Development (Early Years) - Nursery Teaching Assistant 

Miss Katie Pilgrim - Nursery Teaching Assistant 

Mrs Katherine Salmon, NVQ 3 - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Miss Emma Sewell - Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs Lesley Sigley, NVQ3 Early Years Childcare & Education - Nursery Teaching Assistant



Mrs Janet Dance, BA Hons, PGCE 


Director of Chess 

Mr Andrew Martin, International Master, Senior FIDE Trainer


Music and Arts Visiting Staff

Mr Kieran Daniel - Guitar, Ensembles

Mrs Rachel Gough, MMus, BA Hons, ARCM - Violin, Piano, Ensembles

Mrs Helen Laird,  BA Hons, DipABRSM (Teaching) - Cello, Ensembles

Mr Barney Lowe, BMus Hons, DipABRSM - Brass

Mr Andrew McBride, ABSM - Drums, Ensembles

Mr Jim O’Neill - Keyboard

Miss Sarah Newman, BA Hons, PGCE - Voice, Piano, Ensembles

Mrs Katharine Richman, MA, PGCE - Piano

Miss Emma Sewell, ARAD - Ballet, Modern Dance

Mr Paul Smith - Woodwind, Ensembles


Other Visiting Staff

Mrs Lisa Cox - Sports Assistant

Miss Liz Creighton - Sports Coach

Mrs Louise Hancock - Sports Assistant

Mr Kenneth Hopkins, - Sports Assistant

Mrs Natasha Middleditch - Swimming Coach, Sports Assistant

Miss Katy Sheffield -  Sports Assistant

Mr Colin Smith - Sports Assistant



Mrs Clare Boyd - Matron

Mrs Fiona Campbell, BA, CA - Finance Assistant

Mrs Penny Charles, BA Hons - Marketing

Mrs Karen Farr - Accounts Assistant

Miss Joanne Foster - Secretary/Receptionist

Mrs Clare Garner, BA Hons, CSBM - Finance Assistant 

Mrs Jacqueline Hopwood - Headmaster’s PA

Mrs Tanja Weddell, AMDIS Cert in Admissions - Registrar

Mrs Teresa Wright, NVQ3 - Data and Compliance Officer

Mrs PJ Young - Secretary/Receptionist



Mr Adam Smith, CITB - Head of Maintenance

Mr Richard Nickless - Assistant Head of Maintenance

Mr Mihai Chiriac

Mr Laurence Pacey                          

Mr Dean Reece

Mr Michael White


Mr Wolfgang Schultz - Minibus Driver

Mr Ian Ashbery - Minibus Driver


Other Staff

Miss Angie White - Housekeeping Supervisor