Headmaster's Welcome

Headmaster walking with school dog and children

We are expanding our education to 16 from September this year! Providing an excellent GCSE education with award winning teachers coupled with a nurturing environment. 

GCSE provision

At Yateley Manor we aim to prepare all children for successful adult lives through an inspirational educational journey. We are rooted in strong relationships, a love for learning and high quality teaching. Children will not achieve and progress if they are not happy and feel safe. Effective, professional relationships at all levels are vital to provide every child with the foundations upon which learning can take place. As adults we never stop learning and so it is important for us to instil a desire to challenge oneself.  This happens through the very best quality teaching across every single area of the school.

We are passionate about building a strong moral compass in every individual child by having regard for high standards of behaviour which are explicitly referenced and modelled by all. Confidence comes from finding strength in activities or skill which is the reason for offering a vast array of opportunity for children within and beyond the school day. They are encouraged to try new areas of learning and supported all the way. Finally at Yateley Manor we are passionate about the journey. We recognise not only that the time each child spends with us is part of their educational journey in life but also that every child’s journey is unique. As such we endeavour to build journeys for children that stimulate, challenge and lead to success.

Our roots and passions are encapsulated within six words:


Many schools profess to having a family ethos and rightly so because within a family there are strong relationships. The sense of family at Yateley Manor is, however, palpable, from the moment you step forth into the environment. The only way to experience this is to see it for yourself. Please accept our warm offer to visit us. I am confident you will feel the same way we do.

Robert Upton

The Headmaster sitting on some steps with the school dog and four children

Ours is a supportive, purposeful community in which all children gain the confidence to express themselves, enjoy learning and identify their talents.