Food and Nutrition

Two Year 5 girls in the Art Studio
Year 4 children walking outside

At Palmer and Howells food is our passion! Our menus are designed to be imaginative and interesting and will reflect pupils’ preferences. Our nutritionist, Sarah Flower, ensures they are properly balanced and nutritionally sound. We work to a three–week menu cycle which is updated each term.

Our aim is to assist in the promotion and education of healthy eating. Menus will always be prepared from fresh ingredients and cooked with a minimal amount of sugar, salt and polyunsaturated fats. Our chefs use lean cuts of meat and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Often the cooking process itself is the key to ensuring that food served is healthy.

It is important that we educate pupils on the benefits of healthy eating, as what they eat today will leave a legacy for the future. Information and advice is on hand for pupils to encourage them to recognise the importance of eating at mealtimes and not snacking or eating too many sweet treats.

Food creates memories and we want the students to leave school with a lasting memory of the amazing food they received daily.

Sample Menu