Sunday 4.00pm Year 7 are just arriving at the Château de la Baudonnière. The group had a lovely calm crossing and the children were great on the journey. The plan for the evening is to settle in, have a tour of the chateau followed by supper.

Monday morning:  The children were in bed in good time last night, slept right through and had to be woken this morning.  They have demolished great piles of croissants and cereal and are now off to their first activities, either climbing or fencing.  Later they will be orienteering and this evening they will be visiting the Mont St Michel.  Everyone fine and happy.

Monday Evening  The sun came out during the morning and the children enjoyed orienteering around the chateau. They demonstrated fantastic communication skills earlier in the morning when they had to use French to give the blindfolded climbers directions!  Fencing also proved to be a very popular activity.

Lunch was tomato and mozerella salad, shepherd’s pie, cheese, salad and fruit and everyone ate well.  The group set off for the Mont St Michel for the evening.

Tuesday Morning:  Year 7 had a lovely time at the Mont St Michel yesterday evening and had another good night.  This morning they had an early breakfast before visiting the Bayeux Tapestry and a British World War II cemetery.  They have just set off for Arromanches where they will have their picnic lunch, look at the Mulberry Harbour and visit the D Day museum.  Then back to the chateau for their French night.   Everyone is fine and happy.  

Tuesday Evening:  Year 7 are now back at the Chateau after a fantastic day.   They have had supper which included a birthday cake for Alex and are ready for their French night!

Wednesday morning:  Great time was had by all the French night last night.  The costumes were amazing and everyone enjoyed tasting the traditional French foods.  Very mixed reactions to the escargot!

Today they are doing activities around the chateau with some climbing and others doing the parcours de santé.  Everyone in fine.

Wednesday Evening: Year 7 all survived (and enjoyed) the mud assault course this afternoon.  The children also showed impressive basketball skills during aeroball, enjoyed cuddling the baby rabbits and feeding the animals in the mini farm. They are now having a BBQ before the talent show.












Thursday morning:  Year 7 have had another great morning in Normandy. This afternoon they will be baking their own baguettes.

Thursday evening Baguette making was a very enjoyable but rather messy activity and the children will be tasting the fruits of their labours this evening.  Their final activity at the chateau is a photo treasure hunt tonight.  

Friday morning: The group left the Chateau this morning to start their journey home.  They had a successful shopping trip at the market in Vire and have plenty of souvenirs in their bags!  They are now on their way to the ferry where they will have lunch before departure.

Check back here for an update on their journey.

Return Information

Friday evening:  Year 7 caught the ferry as planned.  They will make contact when they arrive in Portsmouth and have a good idea of their ETA.   On arrival at school, as they leave the coach, the children will be given an envelope containing their passport and EHIC card.  Please be sure to collect it from them!

Friday  10.00pm  

The group are on the coach and are just leaving Portsmouth. Their sat nav says they will be back at school at 11.10pm. Enjoy having the children home and have a great weekend.