Tuesday:  The group arrived at Durdle Door.  They have met their guide for the week, Sharon, and were enjoying a snack.  This aftenoon they will be walking to the beach to look at the geographical features and do some field sketching. 


Tuesday evening:    Year 7 had a great afternoon looking at Durdle Door, Stair Hole, Lulworth Cove and Man of War Bay.  They also completed a tourist survey.  They enjoyed their packed lunches and topped up with ice cream.  They are now at their accommodation and settled in their rooms.  Tonight's outside games have been replaced with a film night! 

Wednesday morning:  The group had a quiet night and a great breakfast.  They have packed their backpacks and are ready to go.  It is still raining a little but is due to brighten up.  This morning they are off to Hengistbury Head beach to look at deposition and beach management.   Everyone sang Happy Birthday to Jasper and he has a cake which they are taking with them to enjoy later!

Wednesday evening:  The group walked to Hengistbury Head this morning where they had an early lunch.  The weather was clearer this afternoon so they spent time on the beach measuring beach profiles, wind and waves.  They also looked at coastal management techniques including groynes and sea walls and then took the land train back to the centre.  After another rendition of Happy Birthday for Jasper they enjoyed his birthday cake and are now back in the classroom to analyse their data.  This evening they will be having a BBQ and then archery and the climbing wall.


Thursday morning - Year 7 have woken to grey skies but dry weather!  After a good breakfast they left for their water sports day duirng which they will be trying dragon boating and sailing.  The children enjoyed their achery and climbing wall activity last night.  All are fine.  

Thursday evening: Year 7 had a fabulous day. This morning they paddled their dragon boat up the River Stour to the river confluence. They measured the speed of the water at a meander and compared the speed on the inside and on tthe outside. This afternoon they sailed little two-man pico dinghys. There was very little wind so they were very confident and enjoyed capsizing and racing. They are now back at camp and will try the high ropes course this evening.
Friday morning: The group had a good night and a brilliant, team building session on the high ropes course. They had another cooked breakfast and have packed and tidied their rooms. The coach has now set off for Boscombe to look at town regeneration and tourism. The group have packed lunches with them and will set off for school after lunch.