Tuesday:  Year 6 arrived safely at Bushcraft at 10.50am. The weather is fine and the group were about to walk to their camp. This afternoon they will be making survival bracelets.


Tuesday Evening:   The group have spent afternoon doing camp craft, camp maintenance and have also built shelters.  The weather is great at the moment but they are not planning to sleep in the shelters as some rain is forecast.  

Supper is spaghetti bolognese and there are games planned for this evening including predator which is similar to hide and seek but played amongst the trees!

Everyone is fine and looking forward to a full English breakfast in the morning.

Wednesday morning:  Year 6 slept well and woke to a full English breakfast.  This morning they are off to the lake to go crayfish hunting or swimming and will come back to camp for popcorn around a blazing camp fire.  After lunch of lamb kebabs they will be learning to lay and light camp fires.  Everyone is fine and happy.


Wednesday evening:  The group have had a great day.  After their swim they laid and lit fires and used these to cook their own lamb kebabs which proved very popular.  This afternoon they finished the survival bracelets that they started yesterday and this evening the group wil be learning some wilderness first aid.  Goat curry for supper!


Thursday morning -  The children all slept well and have woken to a dry and cool morning.  Breakfast was porridge with cinnamon and golden syrup.  Today they are having a camouflage and concealment workshop, building hides and an emergency and survival role play session.  They will be filleting a salmon for lunch. 

Thursday evening:  The weather has been cool but dry for Year 6. They had BBQ salmon for lunch which Mrs Bilton prepared and everyone enjoyed. Some were 'brave' enough to try the fish eyes! There was plenty of camouflage this afternoon as they learnt how to become invisible in the jungle. They have also done some archery and a blindfold sensory trail and are very excited to be making, cooking and eating pizza this evening.



Friday morning: The group have woken to blue skies. Everyone had a good night. Breakfast was American pancakes with maple syrup. Tents have been cleared and bags packed. This morning they are learning how the make humane traps.
Later they will be taking part in the ‘Bushcraft Challenge’, where they will have to demonstrate all the skills they have learnt this week. Lunch will be homemade burgers cooked over the fire. They will leave camp at 2.00pm to make their way to the coach to leave at about 3.00pm leave.
This has been a very enjoyable and successful trip!!
Sorry no photos this morning. I think batteries are running low!