Yateley Manor Alumni

Yateley Manor has always been a school with a strong family ethos and sense of community. This year we will be celebrating our 70th Anniversary.

As part of our anniversary celebrations we are aiming to set up an Alumni for former pupils.  Members of the Alumni will receive publications during the year and we also plan to host some events at the school. We are sure that past pupils would enjoy seeing how the school has moved forward and developed but are also certain that there is a great deal of Yateley Manor that you would still recognise. By developing an Alumni we hope to embrace the sense of family community and promote the values that the school holds so dear.

If you would like to join our alumni please complete our short form and return to PJ Young, Yateley Manor School, 51 Reading Road, Yateley, GU46 7UQ.  Please remember to include contact details so that we can keep you up to date with news and events.