School Calendar - Spring Term 2012

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Friday 6th 
Staff training day

Monday 9th 
Term Starts

Wednesday 11th 
Netball v Dolphin U10A & U10B Home  2.30pm
Netball v Hawley Place U8A & U8B High Five Home  2.30pm
Hockey v Dolphin U11 Home, U13A & U13B Away  2.30pm
Rugby v Hoe Bridge 2nd XV, U11A, U9A & U9B Home, 1st XV, U11B, U10A & U10B Away  2.30pm

Monday 16th 
Reception Parents invited to lunch this week 

Tuesday 17th 
Reception Open Morning for current Nursery and Prospective Pre-Prep Parents  9.00am 
Pre-Prep Council Meeting  2.45pm
Hockey v The Abbey U11A & U11B Away at Reading University 4.00pm
PTA Meeting 7.30pm

Wednesday 18th 
Hockey v Farleigh U10A, U10B, U9A, U9B & U9C Away  2.30pm
Hockey v Daneshill (Stratfield Turgis) U12 &U11A (back to back) Home U11B Away  2.30pm
Rugby v Hall Grove 2nd XV, U11A & U11C Home, 1st XV, U11B, U10A, U10B & U10C Away  2.30pm
Year 4 Parents’ Evening  5.00pm

Thursday 19th
Prep School Council, Sports Council and Food Committee Elections
Pupil Team Leader Meeting  1.00pm
Rugby v Hall Grove Year 4 Home  2.15pm

Friday 20th 
Preparation Day for children moving to Year 3 in September 2012

Saturday 21st 
Junior 4NCL Chess Weekend, Barcelo Hotel, Hinkley
Queen Anne’s U11 Netball Tournament  9.45am

Sunday 22nd
Junior 4NCL Chess Weekend, Barcelo Hotel, Hinkley

Monday 23rd
Year 1 Parents invited to lunch this week
Reception Open Morning for current Nursery and Prospective Pre-Prep Parents 9.00am
Year 7 Parent/Pupil Counsels 5.00pm

Tuesday 24th
Netball v The Abbey U11A & U11B Away  3.45pm

Wednesday 25th 
Prep Food Committee Meeting  11.30am
Netball v Dolphin U13A & U13B Home  2.30pm
Hockey v St Neot’s U11A, U10A, U10B & U10C Away 2.30pm
Rugby v Bearwood 1st XV Away 2.30pm
Internal Rugby U11A v 2nd XV, U11B v U10A, U10B v U9A, U10C v U9B  2.30pm
Netball v The Abbey U9A, U9B, U9C & U9D High Five Away 3.30pm

Thursday 26th
Pre-Prep Food Committee  8.30am
Prep School Council Meeting  11.30am
Basketball v St Neot’s U13 Home 4.30pm
Year 4 Parents’ Evening  5.00pm

Friday 27th
Guildford Classical Association Latin Reading Competition, Guildford High School  2.00pm

Saturday 28th 
South of England Chess Championships at Yateley Manor
IAPS National Basketball Championships, Wellington College  11.00am

Sunday 29th 
South of England Chess Championships at Yateley Manor

Monday 30th 
Year 2 Parents invited to lunch this week
Year 3 Parent Consultations from today 

Tuesday 31st
Reception Open Morning for current Nursery and Prospective Pre-Prep Parents 9.00am
Basketball v Papplewick U11 Home 3.30pm
Basketball v Papplewick U13 Home  4.30pm 
Year 5 Parents’ Evening (A to H) 5.00pm


Wednesday 1st
Netball v Farleigh U13, U11A & U11B Home  2.30pm
Hockey v Daneshill (Stratfield Turgis) U10A, U10B, U9A & U9B Away 2.30pm
Rugby v Edgeborough 2nd XV & U11A Home, 1st XV, U11B, U10A & U10B Away 2.30pm

Thursday 2nd
UK Intermediate Maths Challenge  12.00 noon
Children’s Concert for Years 3 and 4 in Southampton  1.00pm
SATIPS General Knowledge Competition U13 & U11  1.15pm
Rugby v Edgeborough U10C & U10D Away  2.15pm
Science Department Meeting (staff only)  4.35pm

Friday 3rd
Junior Awards Day 
PTA Quiz Night  7.00pm

Saturday 4th 
Queen Anne’s U10 Netball Tournament 9.45am
Bishopsgate U11 Netball Tournament 10.00am

Sunday 5th 
Chess Scholarship Training Day
National Biathlon Semi Final, Crystal Palace 

Monday 6th
Year 8 French CE Oral Trials this week
Appointments’ Committee  1.30pm
A Look at Life in Years 7 & 8 for Year 5 Parents 4.35pm

Tuesday 7th
Basketball v Lanesborough U11 Away  4.15pm

Wednesday 8th
Eagle House U9 Netball Tournament  1.30pm
Queen Anne’s U13 Netball Tournament  1.30pm
Farleigh U9 Hockey Tournament 2.30pm
Rugby v Farleigh 1st XV, U11A, U10A & U10B Home,  2nd XV, U11B, U9A, U9B & U9C Away 2.30pm
Netball v The Abbey U10A, U10B & U10C Away 3.45pm

Thursday 9th
Whole School Assembly  8.50am
Inter-house Swimming Gala Years 3, 4 & 5 Home  4.30pm
Year 5 Parents Evening (I—Z)  5.00pm

Friday 10th
Health & Safety Meeting  1.30pm
Aesop’s Theatre Company to visit Years 5 and 6  2.10pm

Half term:  13th to 17th February

Monday 20th
Year 8 Common Entrance Trial Examination Week
Whole School Staff Meeting   4.30pm
    Pre-Prep & Nursery: No after school clubs. Pupils should be collected by 4.20pm at the latest. 
   Supervision only for pupils who cannot be collected.
    Prep: Staggered collection times: 
      Years 3 & 4 at 3.50pm
      Years 5 & 6 at 4.05pm, 
      Years 7 & 8 at 4.20pm 
    Homework and Late Supervision only. 
   Coaches as normal

Tuesday 21st
Year 6 to Tate Modern and Globe Theatre 9.00am
Pre-Prep Council Meeting 2.45pm
Year 1 Parents’ Evening 4.00pm
Reading Workshop for parents of children in Years 3 & 4 4.30pm

Wednesday 22nd
Prep Sports Council Meeting   11.30am
Aldershot and Farnham District League U13 Netball Tournament at Wavell School, Farnborough 4.00pm
Rugby House Matches Years 4 to 8 2.30pm
Year 1 Parents’ Evening 4.00pm

Thursday 23rd
Year 1 to Milestones 9.00am
Wellington College Debating Day for 4 Year 8 pupils 
Inter-house Swimming Gala Years 5, 6, 7 & 8  4.30pm 
Maths Department Meeting - Pre-Prep (staff only)  4.35pm

Friday 24th
IAPS Regional Swimming Competition at Brockhurst and Marlston House Schools  3.30pm

Saturday 25th
Chess Scholarship Training Day
Eagle House U8 High Five Netball Tournament 9.30am
Holme Grange U9 Rugby Tournament 9.30am

Monday 27th
Year 4 to Neasden Hindu Temple 9.00am

Tuesday 28th
Eagle House Spell It Challenge for 4 Year 4 pupils  1.30pm
Guided Reading Workshop for parents of children in Years 1 & 2 4.00pm
Music Recital Evening 7.00pm

Wednesday 29th 
Years 5 to 8 Sports Carousel 2.30pm
PTA Meeting  7.30pm


Thursday 1st
Wellington Prep Schools Choral Day 
Prep Council Meeting 1.30pm
Netball v The Abbey U10A & U10B Away  4.00pm
Academic Team Leaders’ Meeting  4.35pm

Friday 2nd
St Neot’s U9 Hockey Tournament  2.30pm

Saturday 3rd
Junior 4NCL Chess Weekend

Sunday 4th
Junior 4NCL Chess Weekend
Lord Wandsworth Senior Hockey Tournament   9.30am

Monday 5th
Associate Board Music Exams

Tuesday 6th
Associate Board Music Exams
Prep Food Committee Meeting  11.30am

Wednesday 7th
Governors’ Meeting   1.30pm
Years 5 to 8 Sports Carousel 2.30pm 

Thursday 8th
Pre-Prep Food Committee Meeting 8.30am
Pupil Team Leader Meeting  1.00pm
IAPS Cross Country, Epsom College 1.45pm

Friday 9th
Minimus Reading Competition at Cantell College 3.00pm

Saturday 10th
PTA Barn Dance 7.30pm

Sunday 11th
Bradfield U11 Hockey Tournament  10.00am

Monday 12th
Maths Department Meeting - Years 3 & 4 (staff only) 4.35pm

Tuesday 13th
Sports Team Photos  1.00pm
Maths Challenge at Wellington College 2.15pm
Year 2 Parents’ Evening 4.00pm

Wednesday 14th
Epsom College U12 Netball Tournament   1.30pm
Years 5 to 8 Sports Carousel
Year 2 Parents’ Evening  4.00pm

Thursday 15th
Swimming Gala v Farleigh & Daneshill Home 4.30pm
Nursery Parents’ Evening  7.00pm

Friday 16th 
Year 3 to Yateley Police Station  9.30am

Saturday 17th
Bishopsgate U10 Netball Tournament  9.45am
Open Morning for Prospective Parents  10.00am

Tuesday 20th
Year 5 to British Wildlife Centre  9.00am

Wednesday 21st
Daneshill (Stratfield Turgis) U10 Hockey Tournament  2.30pm
Nursery Parents’ Evening  7.00pm

Thursday 22nd
Maths Department Meeting - Years 5 to 8 (staff only)  4.35pm
Nursery Parents’ Evening  7.00pm

Friday 23rd
Rt Hon James Arbuthnot MP to visit Year 8 11.30am

Sunday 25th
Pirates of Penzance Technical Rehearsal  10.00am —1.00pm

Monday 26th
Appointments Committee  1.30pm
Pre-Prep Council Meeting  2.45pm

Tuesday 27th
Reception Open Morning for current Reception parents  9.00am
Pirates of Penzance Dress Rehearsal   2.00pm

Wednesday 28th
Pirates of Penzance Performance   7.00pm

Thursday 29th
Whole School Assembly  8.50am
Pirates of Penzance Performance  7.00pm 

Friday 30th
End of Term
Year 2 to Winchester Cathedral  9.00am
Nursery Coffee Morning for parents of children who joined this term  10.30am
House Debating and General Knowledge Competitions Finals 

No clubs for Pre-Prep or Prep pupils this evening or late coach.

   Staggered collection times at the end of the day as follows:
      Pre-Prep normal time
      Nursery 4.00pm 
      Years 3 & 4 3.50pm
      Years 5 & 6 4.05pm
      Years 7 & 8 4.20pm
   Coaches (no late coach) 4.30pm

   Children must be collected by 4.40pm at the latest

PTA Discos held in the Fyson Blum Hall
Years 3, 4 & 5 6.45pm - 8.00pm
Years 6, 7 & 8 8.15pm - 9.30pm
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