1. For annual or continuous bookings, a deposit of two months of the total annual charge will be made to secure booking; this will be returnable less any outstanding costs on termination of the booking.  Invoicing will be monthly in advance. Four weeks’ notice is required for cancellation of an annual or continuous contract.  During the first two months one week’s notice of cancellation may be given by either party.  In the event of cancellation under this clause no refund of either deposit or rental will be due
  2. For one-off or short period bookings, a deposit of 20% of the booking charge will be made to secure the booking. 
  3. The premises shall be left clean and in good order and vacated not later than the time booked.  The hirer shall reimburse any costs incurred by the School in cleaning the premises after the hiring necessary to ensure that the premises are sufficiently clean for normal use by the School.  
  4. The hirer shall pay to the School the cost of repair or replacement resulting in any damage arising from the hiring however caused or of whatever nature to the school premises and all equipment or property thereon.  Hirers shall ensure they have a policy of insurance to cover such liability up to at least £2 million and public liability insurance of £5 million. The School can arrange insurance for an additional fee.  
  5. Any overrun past the agreed booking time will result in a surcharge equal to one hour’s additional booking fee for each hour or part thereof.
  6. If the Facilities Assistant is in attendance and the hirer provides additional personnel to prepare for a letting, these personnel shall be subject to the general direction and control of the Facilities Assistant.
  7. A hirer must not sub-let to another party.
  8. a) No intoxicating liquor will be brought on to or consumed on the premises except as a function organised by a body or bodies which the Governors of the school shall have approved.  Requests for approval must be made in writing.
    b) Where a licence for the sale of intoxicating liquor is necessary for a function, the responsibility for obtaining such a licence is solely the hirers.
  9. No preparations are to be applied to the floor.
  10. a) In the case of lettings for music, singing, dancing or stage plays, the entertainment must be for a closed organisation such as a society or club or by invitation only.  All other entertainments are classified as public entertainments, in which case there exists a statutory requirement that the School must be properly licensed.  
    b) Where a licence for public entertainment is necessary for a function, the responsibility for obtaining such a licence is solely the hirers.
  11. There must be no infringement of copyright and in all cases of musical entertainment the requirements of the Performing Rights Society must be fulfilled.
  12. The school operates a No Smoking policy throughout its premises and grounds.  Hirers agree to abide by this policy.
  13. Before approving any letting for the exhibition of pictures involving the use of films or television, enquires should be made to the appropriate authority to see if a licence is required.  Where such a requirement exists, the responsibility for obtaining such a licence is solely the hirers.
  14. Hirers will have access only to the particular room(s) let to them, including where it is practicable the use of toilet accommodation.  Access is not permitted to any other part of the premises.
  15. School functions will take precedence over lettings, sometimes at short notice. In the event that the hired area is not available to let on a particular occasion, due to school use, the School will make reasonable efforts to provide a suitable alternative location or dates.  If no alternative is available a refund of the letting fee will be made, but no liability for further or consequential loss will be accepted by The School.  
  16. Any dispute on the use of facilities or equipment out of normal hours shall be settled by the School Governors.
  17. The Governors reserve the right to revoke without any reason or notice any contract for the hire of the school.
  18. The Governors reserve the right to withdraw without notice permission to use the playing fields when such playing fields are unfit for use.
  19. Tariffs will be reviewed annually and any increases will be implemented on September 1st.  If less than four weeks’ notice of increases is given then the notice period by the hirer will be reduced proportionally.
  20. Any invoices which are overdue will be subject to an administrative surcharge of £20 per month outstanding and may result in loss of following bookings.
  21. All regular bookings will incur a charge whether used or not unless written (or email) confirmation is received at least four weeks beforehand that the hirer will not be using the facilities.  The charge will be reduced by 50% in the event that the school are able to re-let the booking.  No charge will be levied where the notification is received more than four weeks in advance.