An education at Yateley Manor starts at Nursery. The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets standards for the learning, development and care of every child from birth to 5 years old and therefore starts in Nursery and finishes in the Reception year. These are the “foundation” years, where good habits and positive attitudes towards learning can be formed. 

Unlocking these attributes in children takes careful planning, where the environment enables effective learning and supports every unique child. The dedicated staff members within the Nursery, with specific qualifications in Early Years practice, will constantly monitor the quality of learning and provide regular feedback to parents.

The Nursery at Yateley Manor is different from many other settings. Children within the Nursery have access to the magnificent facilities enjoyed by all of the children at Yateley Manor including the heated indoor swimming pool, woodland learning area, spacious sports complex and dance classes. The Foundation Stage curriculum is rightly set on providing opportunities for children to explore and develop their learning but at Yateley Manor Nursery we recognise that this happens at different rates at different times for every child. That is why we actively teach children in Nursery at the point in their learning, rather than teach according to their age. Three and four year olds learn alongside each other in specially targeted groups to ensure every child receives the best opportunity. In Reception there is a clear focus on teaching children the basics of reading, writing and number work. They will do this in small groups or individually with a teacher as well as having opportunities to explore their own learning.


Strong links between the Nursery and Reception classes mean children move in to our Reception classes happy and with confidence. Information is passed on during the summer term so that staff in Reception are fully prepared for learning to continue in September. Plenty of familiarisation opportunities, including visits to Reception areas, stories with Reception teachers and a Teddy Bears’ Picnic in the summer provide every child and family with the comfort that the journey is not stopping at Nursery and starting again; rather it is continuing strongly.

A bespoke education that challenges every child in a safe and supportive environment: The Early Years at Yateley Manor Nursery.