Yateley Manor 
51 Reading Road Tel:  01252 405500 registrar@yateleymanor.com
Yateley   office@yateleymanor.com
GU46 7UQ Fax:  01252 405504 absences@yateleymanor.com
Robert Upton BSc (Hons), MA (Ed), NPQH
Board of Governors
Chairman Mr John Ashworth
Mrs Jackie Davies Mrs Caroline Good
Mr John Kirkpatrick Mr Tom Li
Mrs Tracy Squirrell  
Correspondence for the Board of Governors should be sent to the Clerk of the Governors, the Bursar, at the School address and it will be forwarded onwards.
Direct line numbers and email addresses
School Office 01252 405500 office@yateleymanor.com
Headmaster 01252 405500 headmaster@yateleymanor.com
Registrar 01252 405500 registrar@yateleymanor.com
Bursar 01252 405500 bursar@yateleymanor.com
Bursary 01252 405501 finance@yateleymanor.com
Academic Deputy Head 01252 405502 academic@yateleymanor.com
Pastoral Deputy Head 01252 405503 pastoral@yateleymanor.com
Data Protection Officer 01252 405500 dataprotection@yateleymanor.com
School Office Fax 01252 405504  
School Shop 01252 405505  
Matron 01252 405506 matron@yateleymanor.com
Maintenance 01252 405513  
Nursery 01252 405514  
Activity Week Information activities@yateleymanor.com
Hiring School Facilities facilities@yateleymanor.com


If you wish to contact a member of staff by email other than those listed above please use their first initial followed by their surname in place of 'ateacher' as shown in the example below: